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Take complete control of your diabetes. 

JOY is your 24/7 personalized AI coach for Complete Diabetes Management™ 

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Joy up your life with JoyHealth

JOY identifies your unique diabetes Phenotype based on you and your choices.

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Our AI powered tool predicts how different foods will affect your sugars and offers simple strategies to minimize their impact.


JOY provides real-time support to help you enjoy your favourite foods without compromises.

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JOY makes diabetes easy to manage

Doctor Connect

Your personal link to your existing doctor

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Let others tell you about us

"JoyHealth has been a game-changer for me, when it comes to making better food choices. Now I can have my favourite food and not worry about my blood sugar level."

Vinay Singh

Banker, Mumbai

"I can be connected to my diabetologist directly on JoyHealth.  JoyHealth also gives me good guidance on my diabetes and guides me to what foods are good for me and what are not."

Sanjay Gupta

Financial Analyst, Delhi

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